Hello, I am Guida de Palma

I sing Soul, Jazz, Funk and Bossa Nova, I also teach music.


This is Jazzinho

My big band, with a big sound and a massive energy.


Luiz Antonio Gomes

Plays all sorts of keyboards and is the musical director.


Ciro Cruz

Plays the bass and is the power behind the band.


Marcio Dhiniz

Plays the drums and keeps the tempo.


Marcelo Morais

Plays guitars and flute.


Pedrinho Moreira

Is the percussionist.


Ivo Rodrigues on trumpet

Here seen on the right.


Yuri Antunes plays trombone

Here seen on the left.


Felipe Figueiredo

Plays saxophone.


Aurora Raposo and Catarina Rocha

Are the background vocalists.

Humano Desumano

Samba do Avião

Maria Mulata



Party at Posto 9, Costa de Caparica, 6 June

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What I really think of Jazz FM

| New Jazzinho, Non classifié(e), Uncategorized | 10 Comments
Turn on the radio, tune in Jazz FM and drop out... In two hours, my plane will land in London Gatwick. Thanks to the very good people at Jazz FM…
Jazz FM Presents Guida de Palma & Jazzinho Live at Rich Mix London Friday 28 February 2014

Jazzinho live at Rich Mix London 28/02

| Live, New Jazzinho, Non classifié(e) | 2 Comments
Jazzinho Live, the revenge of the groove. My album is Nº 9 in the UK Soul Chart and I am, well.... so excited.... A quick bit of sweet news as…

Incognito Lounge Mix feat. Bluey

| New Jazzinho, Non classifié(e) | 5 Comments
Bluey's remix of Abraço da Bossa If you are reading these lines, it is most likely that you already know who is Jean Paul Maunick AKA Bluey, head man and…

The story of Stevie Wonder, Bob Margouleff, Malcolm Cecil and Tonto

| Non classifié(e), Radio Jazzinho | 16 Comments
Think carefully ! I bet that most of the Stevie Wonder's songs you prefer are almost all from these four albums: Music of My Mind (1972) Talking Book (1972) Innervisions…
What's it all about, Alfie- Cilla Black and Burt Bacharach

Cilla Black and Burt Bacharach Recording Alfie at Abbey Road Studio

| Non classifié(e), Radio Jazzinho | 3 Comments
What's it's all about, Alfie. Alfie is an excellent film from 1966 starring Michael Caine as a super cool cockney womanizer. Burt Bacharach insisted on writing and recording the theme…
The Cat Jimmy Smith Portuguese Soul Jazzinho's Radio Guida de Palma Veludo

Jimmy Smith – Portuguese Soul – 1st Movement

| Non classifié(e), Radio Jazzinho | 4 Comments
Portuguese Soul Smith influenced a constellation of jazz organists, of the likes of Jimmy McGriff, Brother Jack McDuff, Richard "Groove" Holmes, Joey DeFrancesco and Larry Goldings as well as rock…

Papão, or how the Bogeyman got down to Boogie !

| New Jazzinho, Non classifié(e) | 5 Comments
We have made a lovely video of Papão "O Papão, or how the bogeyman gets down to Boogie". Todd Marrone the street artist and Billy Blob the animator, two geniuses…
Guida de Palma & Jazzinho

Veludo, Jazzinho’s new album is in the can!

| New Jazzinho, Non classifié(e) | No Comments
All good things come to those who wait. Phew ! That's it : finished, done ! A big void in Guida de Palma's and Graham Harvey's life; some say they…
Survey.Please tell us if you use MP3s, Vinyl or CDs.

CDs, Vinyls or Downloads ? Tell us how you listen to music.

| Getting to know our fans, New Jazzinho | 65 Comments
Help Jazzinho understand how you acquire and listen to music. Please take 30 seconds to click on the options that fit your behaviour. You are limited to four answers. By…
A seed in you duet Leon Ware Guida de Palma & Jazzinho

Duet Leon Ware / Guida de Palma : A seed in you.

| New Jazzinho, Non classifié(e) | 258 Comments
So, you can’t wait for the new Jazzinho album? I can picture you shaking and sweating; chomping at the bits with anxiety. You haven’t had your fix of Jazzinho and it…
How to write a Jazinho song

How to write a song in 32 567 frustrating steps

| New Jazzinho, Non classifié(e) | 3 Comments
My songwriting secrets. In case you would be interested in writing a Jazzinho album, let me explain how it is done. Well, it is rather simple but nevertheless requires a…

New Jazzinho in the making.

| New Jazzinho, Non classifié(e) | 5 Comments
Looking in the rear view miror. The First Jazzinho album Back in 2003, when major recording companies were multi-billion $ businesses and Napster was still a shiny glimpse in Wall…

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