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Perhaps you have found this download code in my last LP, or I gave it to you at a gig. Anyway, thank you for your interest in what we do.

Please fill the form below and you will receive an email with a URL leading to the download page on You can do this from an iOS device (iPad, iPhone, etc...) but the final download and transfer into the iOS device will have to take place either via a Mac or a PC. Sorry, Apple will not let us download directly into iOS. For Android, you will have to Unzip the file and then move the tracks in your music folder.

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As you know, piracy has become a huge problem for us musicians. As we are also ripped off by perfectly legal outfits, the whole music making thing has become rather difficult. We have recorded this album ourselves at great personal expense and the help of generous fans. There is no big record company supporting us. If you like our music, or anyone else's for that matter, please do not give away digital files. You might want to take your friends to the local independent record store, and share your passion for "crate digging"; it is a great experience. Share your passion for vinyl, to keep growing musicians need more small records stores, more buyers of vinyl, CDs, downloads etc...

I hope you do not feel I am patronising but I feel strongly about this. So, please take the pledge:

I will not share these files and keep them for my personal enjoyment only

But nobody stops you from giving away the download card to a friend. It yours.

Phew, that's it... now press that "Send" button and download the album. I hope you will enjoy listening to it as much we did recording it.


Guida de Palma

PS: any problem with downloading the album, please drop us a line, we will solve this ASAP.