Turn on the radio, tune in Jazz FM and drop out…
In two hours, my plane will land in London Gatwick. Thanks to the very good people at Jazz FM UK, this coming Friday, I will present my new Jazzinho album to the British audience at Rich Mix, in Hackney. Well, when I say British, I mean mainly British. Jazz FM has listeners around the world. Back in the early 90s Jazz FM was “The” station that invented the Soul Jazz format now so widely emulated.

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Back in my London days, as a busy mum as well as side woman to some of Britain’s grooviest acts, I recall being stuck in the traffic and listening to the Robbie Vincent show or Peter Young’s Soul Cellar. The new sound of London with the likes of Don E, Omar and Incognito was bursting on the global scene and Jazz FM was its standard bearer. This FM station was “Talking loud and saying something”. Twenty years later, an adult Jazz FM is still providing its listeners with a groovy soundtrack to their hectic lives. What has changed is that people are not listening to it through the old “wireless” anymore… in 2014 Jazz FM is digital, and people tune in via the web, on their smart phone etc..

In this day and age music is free and nobody wants to pay for it. Musicians never know where their next meal will come from. The sound Jazzinho loves is not computer generated. It is played by real people who have studied many years to master their instrument. It is social music, played and recorded by people with sophisticated skills. It really helps that a radio plays both classic tracks by established artists and new music by lesser known musicians. Not only this but Jazz FM is going the extra mile and organises many gigs, events and the now famous Love Supreme Festival. All this provides an output for musicians to show their work. Without this push, Veludo, my new album would not exist.

What I really want to say, is “Thank You”. Thank you Chris Philips, Alex Lloyd and all the kind people at the station for giving Jazzinho, as well as many other acts, the opportunity to be heard and seen live. We are immensely grateful, you are keeping music live.

Dear reader, if you like Leon Ware, Gil Scott Heron, Bossa Nova, Rare Groove, Classic Soul etc… then you must tune in Jazz FM. Click here to listen.

Guida de Palma

Jazz FM is now 100% digital through DAB and the internet. It is heard by 700 000 unique weekly listeners in the UK, and thousands more around the world. It is free to air and is also available on Apple TV, Deezer and various streaming platforms.


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