New Jazzinho in the making.

Looking in the rear view miror.

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The First Jazzinho album

Back in 2003, when major recording companies were multi-billion $ businesses and Napster was still a shiny glimpse in Wall Street’s eye, Guida de Palma and I created Jazzinho, a musical concept that found an audience in many countries around the world. To make sure the albums were up to our expectations, we hired the best musicians : Michele Chiavarini, Chris Franck, Neil Angilley and Ed Motta to name the most prominent. Guida put her great musical talent to create this idiosyncratic style fusing Soul, Jazz, MPB, Electronica with her Portuguese roots.


Seven year itch.

Of course it was not an entirely smooth and joyful ride. Vast quantities of money were lost : many local CD retailers and wholesalers went bust. Some friendships were destroyed, some others flourished. We had great joy, some pain and a few disillusions. In truth, Jazzinho is the second child we never had… a little brother to our beloved Iris. The last Jazzinho album was recorded seven years ago…. and you you know what they say about the seven years itch…. So two albums, many remixes, numerous live gigs and almost a decade later we have decided to record a brand new Jazzinho album. You have been warned 😉

Jazzinho 12" rmx by Nicola Conte on Freestyle

Nicola Conte remix of a track on Atlas, Jazzinho’s last album, produced by Ed Motta.

About this blog.

This blog is meant to be truthful, but, not to embarrass the various participants, unless they specifically allow us to do so, we will avoid naming them. Most of the time, it is I, Stephan, who will maintain the blog. Nevertheless Guida, as well as the musicians, sound engineers, producers, composers, special guests etc… are invited to contribute as well.


This blog documents our efforts to create a new album. We should not be arrogant and believe we will succeed for sure. We might very well fail. We are now older than when we started Jazzinho but we are none the wiser. Things have changed lately, there’s a lot less money in music than there used to be, and creating good music requires significant investment. Fortunately, a very good and better off friend of ours, who happens to like good music, has offered to sponsor the next Jazzinho; we owe him to deliver the goods..

And now, over to you in the comments below !
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