Duet Leon Ware / Guida de Palma : A seed in you.

A seed in you duet Leon Ware Guida de Palma & Jazzinho

So, you can’t wait for the new Jazzinho album? I can picture you shaking and sweating; chomping at the bits with anxiety. You haven’t had your fix of Jazzinho and it shows. Poor thing… I really feel for you. Well, I know the feeling and guess what? I too can’t wait to finish it. But rejoice, the good Mamma Guida and her partner in groove Leon Ware are here now to release the tension; to sooth you. Here is a lovely track Leon has written for me, and because he is such a Darling, we sang it as a duet in his trademark style.

Of course, I am beyond honoured.  The Man who wrote some of Motown’s best ever songs ; for exemple the entire “I want you album for Marvin Gaye, “I wanna be where you are” for Michael Jackson, or Body Heat for Quincy Jones just to name a few, yes, this Leon Ware, the one and only, also writing for little me. Wow ! Not in my wildest dreams. Can you believe it ? I can’t.

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Gareth Lockrane Flautist

Gareth Lockrane recording the new Jazzinho

Also, to be fair, one must mention the amazing solo from boy wonder flautist Gareth Lockrane who made us the greatest of honours by working on this album produced by guess who ? No less than the literally gigantic Graham Harvey of Incognito fame. Am I a lucky girl ? So, ready to take off ? Press play now and relax: you’re on Jazzinho Airlines and your flying to Soul Jazz Heaven. Welcome to Cloud 9, enjoy the ride.

To thank you for joining my mailing list you can download the track into your iPod and play it whenever and wherever you want. You can play it in the traffic jams, in the shower, while preparing dinner, with friends etc. I personally recommend playing it while in bed with your soul mate; this track works rather well in a more intimate context, if you see what I mean.

But hurry! We will remove the track from the server after seven days…. As, believe it or not, we’d like to sell our music at some point. I know, it’s terribly old fashioned, but, at the supermarket, I tried to barter my trolley full of food against me singing between the vegetables and the organic cheese aisles and it did not work. These people have no taste, they refused; all they wanted was hard cash… Which leads me to remind you that at some point you will be able to order a lovely vinyl LP of the album, so start saving.

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Love & Happiness.

Guida de Palma



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