Veludo, Jazzinho’s new album is in the can!

Guida de Palma & Jazzinho

All good things come to those who wait.


Phew ! That’s it : finished, done ! A big void in Guida de Palma’s and Graham Harvey’s life; some say they wonder aimlessly not knowing what to do. No more toying around with the bass line or recording new BVs in the middle of the night. Two years of hard work and Richard Bull has put a stop to all that by sending the final digital masters. Done…

Here it is, you can download it now if you want.

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Now the digital files of the recording have to be turned into plates between which the hot vinyl will be injected and pressed into actual records. To make these matrices, we have opted for a technique that has almost totally disappeared : “Direct Metal Mastering” or DMM. The good people at Pauler Acoustics, one of the very few companies that not only still owns a copper cutting lathe but also knows how to operate it, will be doing their magic soon. This technique was mainly used for classical music as it allowed packing more Beethoven by the Berliner conducted by Herbert Von Karajan on each side without loss of quality. The good Ludwig did not time his symphonies for 12″ LPs.  The normal process uses acetate and the groove is not as well defined as with DMM, hence the loss of dynamics when transferred to lacquer. DMM has its fans and its detractors.

Once this is done, the matrices, go to the Pallas Group, also in Germany, to use them to manufacture an audiophile 180 grams vinyl. Pallas knows its way around with vinyl. They have never stopped making them for the past 70 odd years. Well, Pallas is simply the best vinyl pressing plant in the world. Oh, and BTW, they will also make a CD of the Veludo, but it is less exciting to write about, so please refer to Wikipedia if you really want to know more.

Watch a video on how Pallas manufactures vinyl LPs.

Getting the album into store.

Once the CDs and the LPs will be on the palettes in Germany, they will ship directly to Proper Distribution in London. Proper is one of those sturdy and no nonsense British companies that have survived the music industry crash and are reinventing the music business model for XXIst century. In short, contrary to major record companies being greedy and having very few artists that have to sell loads of hit records, Proper edge their bets by having many medium and smaller acts selling smaller quantities. For those in the know this is called a “long tail” strategy and it is all the rage.

Based in London, these guys have been in the business for a while. They know their stuff. To cut a long story short, their jobs is to put records in specialist shops, bigger stores like HMV as well as all the iTunes and Spotify of this world. Not only Proper takes on the challenge of putting Veludo into a large number of points of sales in the UK, but they will also export it anywhere on the planet. Is that cool or what ? To achieve this they make sure that Amazon is well stocked and also feed a network of importer around the world. For example in the US and across Europe, chain stores and specialist shops say in NY or Paris can also stock a few copies of Veludo. Without companies like Proper, smaller projects like Jazzinho cannot exist. We thank them wholeheartedly for taking the risk. Read an article explaining Proper’s strategy on the BBC’s web site.

More or less at the same time, P-Vine, the legendary Japanese label, will manufacture a local CD version of the album for the Japanese market and it is due to be release on October 2nd. Domo Arigato to our Nihon Tomodachis, we are honoured to be on such a prestigious label… may the force be with you.

If all goes well, and if you are based say in London or Tokyo, by early October you should be able to walk into your local independent record store – we’d love to be available at legendary Honest Jons and the mecca of Soul Jazz, Soul Brother Records – and buy a copy of your favourite band’s album – and a few others a well, like AOR by Ed Motta or Sambadi by the amazing Lucas Arruda . If you are into quality, please buy the vinyl. It is a luxury product, significantly more expensive coming with a download card of the entire album included in the price. If you are broke – believe me, we know the feeling – buy the CD or download from the web. Anyway, we will try to maintain a page with all the local store stocking Veludo.

One favour we would ask you; please do not share music files. This is killing musicians, record shops etc … Instead go to your local record store, bring friends, it a great experience. If you have a turntable laying about gathering dust, put it back in action. Go crate-digging, buy new, buy old records, go to gigs, in pubs, in clubs etc… But please keep musicians busy.

Oh, and on that note, I need to let you know that since we are now officially broke, our next newsletter will be about our crowd-funding campaign. You saw that coming, didn’t you. So start saving  😉

Anyway, stay groovy and keep spreading the Jazzinho vibe. Please leave a comment, share the page… well, you know the drill.